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Wil jij als werknemer bij mijn Cocaïnefrabriek?
Stuur mij een berichtje dan stuur ik jou een uitnodiging!

Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?
Insanity is doing the exact... same f*cking thing... over and over again expecting... shit to change...
That. Is. Crazy. The first time somebody told me that, I dunno, I thought they were bullshitting me, so, boom, I shot him.
The thing is... he was right. And then I started seeing, everywhere I looked, everywhere I looked all these f*cking pricks,
everywhere I looked, doing the exact same f*cking thing...
over and over and over and over again thinking: "This time is gonna be different. No, no, no please... This time is gonna be different."

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